I Praise You God

I praise You God in the heaven and in the earth
I praise You that You made me
I praise You for my birth
I praise You for my parents
I praise You for their worth
I praise You that You love me
And everyone on earth

You are Almighty God, Who forever Is
You have no beginning
You are the great I Am
You love me in this moment
You loved me in the past
You love me eternally
Your love goes forever with me

Great God Almighty You made the entire earth
You planted all the trees
And the animals were birthed
You spoke and everything existed
Did You plan this on a board
You are the great Jehovah and You are my reward

You framed the mighty heavens
and twinkled all the stars
You set the universe in order
and placed us on this earthly orb

You are The Great Amen
You have no beginning
You have no end

Can anyone touch You
or understand Your grace
And yet Your love is just waiting
for us to be embrace

Heavenly Father You are Holy
And greatly to be praised
Let all angels and beings in heaven and earth will sing Your praise

You sent Your Son to save us
And by His blood we’re raised
Into Your plan of salvation and graceful protection
This sacrifice then cleansed us
And ruined Satan’s plan
How can we properly thank You
You are the Great I AM

You sent Your Holy Spirit
To guide us everyday
He is our comfort, help, and teacher
Our feet walk in Your Ways

Not a word is wasted
Every jot and title stays
The Testaments Old and New
Are one in the same

They fit just like a puzzle
Only You can understand
By the mighty hand of Jesus
You gave Your awesome plan

Your armor surrounds me
As I claim it everyday
Meditating on Your word
Helps us not to stray

You wash me clean with forgiveness
As I confess my sin to You
You hold me in Your arms
There is nothing You can’t do

By Jesus’ stripes I’m healed
By His death I am set free
Such a precious Son to give
He is the only Way

Father is there anything about You
That is not comforting and love
You set me in a high place
And make my spirit sing

I look around me and see
the choices that this world makes
I wish we truly knew You
the only way to take away heartache

Satan has deceived the whole world
Man walks a darkened path
Your light shines through the night
And we are free at last

All appears lost
from the world's point of view
But Jesus paid the cost
and Your plan continues true

You say it is Your Will that No man should perish
The earth continues on
I know because of Who You are
Your Will is very strong
Your plan is true and it won’t go wrong
All we have to do is say Yes
And You will guide us along

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