Humor - Girlfriend or Mother

This question was asked as a joke to see how a man would respond:
If your mother and girlfriend fell into a river at the same time and you could only save one at a time, which one would you save first?

I am not a man (I'm a woman), but I could not help responding as follows:
This one is fun. I will answer (in humor) using the Bible as a reference. The Bible says that a man should leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. Now if he just has a girlfriend, I think maybe he still clings more to his mother and not the girlfriend, so maybe he falls in with his mother and saves her first.

If on the other hand, he is married and clinging to his wife, he will probably fall in the water holding on to his wife. If the mother has been kind to the wife, it is very possible the husband and wife will rescue the mother together. I think all bets are off if the mother has not been so kind to the wife!

If the man is married and is clinging to his mother, when he and his mother fall in together, his mother may drag him under the waves. The wife could be forgiving and try to save both of them or swim to shore and collect the life insurance money.

One thing the mother of a son may not realize is that it is usually the wife who pokes at the husband to call his mother, get his mother a gift, or visit his mother. When the mother makes war with the wife, the wife may not feel a great compulsion to remind her husband of his mother. A mother's greatest asset is her daughter-in-law.

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