Family - Daddy's Little Girl

Today I was thinking about some things that have occurred in the past and I began to giggle and think about my husband with a deep appreciation for his love and kindness toward us as a family. The following event stirred up those emotions.

When we lived in Kentucky, my husband worked as an engineer during the day and I decided that I would take a job at the local grocery store on the midnight shift. I had always wanted to see what it was like to check out groceries and I was excited about being a cashier. Although I can work as a professional for much more money, this job also afforded that we could home school our daughter and not have to leave her with a sitter.

When I would come home from work at about 8:00 a.m., we would get started with studies and activities for the day. We spent approximately 3-4 hours on studies and then we would go to group activities like German classes, ballet, opera, etc. By the time the neighborhood kids came home from public school, we had a full day accomplished. Our daughter would go outside to play with the kids in the neighborhood and I would prepare supper. In the late afternoon/evening my husband would get home from work and spend time with our daughter while I slept until midnight for the evening shift.

One beautiful day, our daughter was riding her pink bike with the white tires down the street. As my husband watched her, he noticed that she would stop every time she came to a curb. He tried to explain to our daughter how to jump the curb. She was puzzled by his instruction. He finally decided to just show her. How I wish I had not been sleeping because what ensued should have been filmed for "America's Funniest Home Videos."

My husband is well over 6 foot tall with a very wide shoulder span. My daughter said that he got on her bike and began to pedal it down the street. I have no idea how his legs were able to do this without bumping into the handle bars. As he rode the bike, he instructed my daughter to keep an eye on what he was about to do when he got to the curb. In the twinkle of a moment, he reached the curb, vigorously pulled up on the handlebars only to flip the bike and end up on his back in the middle of the street. It was shortly after that, that I awoke from a sound sleep to some large groans coming down our hallway.

There was my husband, crawling on all fours, moaning in pain headed toward the bedroom. I felt so sorry for him but our daughter did get the idea of how to jump curbs and got pretty good at it. In the meantime, he was in pain for quite a few days but smiled broadly whenever he would see her ride her bike.

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  1. haha, that's funny! He's more fortunate than my colleague. My dear colleague, a delivery driver, played football with his kids, and ended up with medical leave for 2 weeks.