Being At Peace

Recently there has been much reason to be focused on turmoil. It seems that everywhere I look there is someone or something in conflict. The turmoil causes a loss of peace and tranquility. What is the answer?

When I turn my eyes, ears, and mind away from the turmoil and put my heart on Jesus and the goodness of God and concentrate on that more and more, suddenly there is rest and peace. The Bible says that God inhabits our praises. The more I praise God, the more my heart is lifted up. As I spend time with God, the turmoil is handled by God and all is peaceful once again.

I love to give God my burdens. It's very hard to do that when I am so used to doing things myself. But, when I finally hand it all over to Him, I notice that He takes care of it all . Thank you God for your deliverance, strength, LOVE.

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