SNOW - Slow Mail Delivery

Living in Michigan, USA, we are somewhat used to snow. The snowfall in the United States this week has been quite overwhelming and that type of snow (deep and heavy) is a great challenge to even the most experienced driver. In the meantime, the Winter Olympics are going strong in Canada and it is quite enjoyable to view the Olympic weather from afar off.

I did not think too much of the snowfall even though our news was hyping it an awful lot. We did get eight inches of snow overnight. Usually news like this is about as exciting as it gets so I don't blame the local news for the hype. They are so professional with their forecasts that after the initial storm, they went outside and measured how much snow was on the company picnic table top with an official stick.

I went into today to look up information on a book. I was very surprised to see that there were warnings on the site that deliveries were being delayed because of the snow across the nation. I think from now on I will use as my weather channel just in case I don't take the local news weather reports seriously!

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  1. It is terribly hot here, I wish you can bring some of the snow over here.
    Financial wise, it's good to stay near the equator, since food is abundant, and no need to buy so many clothing for different seasons.
    But it's horrible to feel hot and humid year in year out.