Proverb for the Day - Getting Old

Today is Friday, April 16, 2010. Therefore, I have read the 16th chapter of Proverbs today and this is the proverb that I chose for today. It is verse 31 of chapter 16. As usual I use the New King James Version of the Bible. Today I used the Nelson Study Bible which is nice because the scriptures are on the top part of the page and there is an explanation on the verses on the bottom part of the page. That means that with a few simple tools, anyone can begin to understand the Bible in the quiet of their own home.

In Proverbs 16:31, it talks about how if a person has walked in a righteous way (upright, honest), most of their life (take note that this doesn't necessarily mean that they had a perfect life or have all the answers but that is for other proverbs to come). It means that they have a heart to do right because they respect and love God. They can do this only when they realize that God loved them first and their righteousness is a gift of God that they could never earn. God gives them a tender heart, they did not earn it. When a person has that type of heart, the proverb says that their gray hair is like a crown of glory.

How wonderful to be crowned with glory instead of distressed that one's youth is past and there is nothing left after the looks have deteriorated. With a righteous person (a tender heart given to them by God's love), they have so much more to give to others. They are rich with the love they have lived and can share it with others and give others encouragement. It is a beautiful way to live. You are never too old to be kind. Shalom.

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