Proverb For The Day - Poor People and Calamities

I am a day late but this Proverb comes from Chapter 17 of Proverbs (New King James Version). It should have been posted on Saturday, April 17, 2010. It may be late, but I do need to still post this to keep up with the rhythm of this blog.

I chose verse five of chapter 17 for this blog. In this verse it talks about a person that is glad when they see someone suffer a calamity in their lives. It says that their gladness will not go unpunished. A calamity is something that happens that causes great loss and hurt. When we connect with someone's calamity and it moves us to aid them even if it is only to be sad for them and the suffering they are enduring, we step out of our own shoes and step into another person's place with compassion. I find it interesting that this proverb does not make a distinction whether the person is good or evil.

The other sentence in this verse says that if a person mocks a poor person, he actually reproaches the one who made him (God). Now that is a place that does not sound like it would be fun to occupy. I think this is a warning to be compassionate on a poor person rather than judge them. I wish I could say that I have practiced this more in my life. It seems compassion comes much easier when we suffer the same fate.
(Ref: Proverbs 17:5)

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