Proverb For The Day Series - Honest Wealth

Today is April 13, 2010, therefore, it is time to read Proverbs, chapter 13. I like to use the New King James Version. Verse eleven really stood out for me as I read this chapter.

Proverbs Chapter 13, Verse 11 - says that if a person gains wealth by being dishonest, that wealth will be diminished. I remember that my parents were very honest with a lady who was selling her farm. They told her that she was selling her farm for far under what it was worth. They also said that they could only afford what she was asking. She said she did not care if she was selling it for less than it was worth, she just wanted to sell it. My parents were honest even though this seemed like the only chance they would have for my father to continue to farm. My parents were rewarded greatly by hard work on that farm and a blessing of it being sold at a high price later in their life. I believe they would not have been able to sell that farm for such a profit if they had been dishonest in the acquiring of that farm. (Reference: Proverbs 13:11)

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