Proverb For The Day - Jumping To Conclusions and Forgiveness

Today is Monday, April 19, 2010. I am reading Proverbs chapter 19 today, and I chose verse eleven for today.

This verse talks about a man who uses discretion or good judgment. Good judgment keeps a person from losing his temper easily. He thinks about a matter before he reacts. Sometimes it is appropriate to lose your temper but it is always good to take a few breathes before reacting to any situation. As noted in the addendum from yesterday's post, I recently jumped to a conclusion without hearing the whole matter out. I truly wish I had thought on the words of Philippians 4:8 before I quickly passed on judgment and condemnation.

The second half of this verse addresses overlooking another person's mistakes. The statement actually says that it is to a person's glory to do so. Notice the word mistake and not the word abuse. We may need to take action to protect ourselves or others in certain circumstances but we should also still walk in forgiveness in our hearts. After judging a situation wrong recently, it has been a struggle to forgive myself even though I have apologized for my lack of good judgment and asked God for forgiveness. How quickly our flesh can remind us that we need God every minute of every day.

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